Managing drug shortages in 2021: How data and AI can impact your healthcare organization


Drug shortages are significantly impacting pharmacy resources, staffing, budgets and patient care. With the drug shortage crisis skyrocketing, the potential for unsafe practices, compromised care and increase for potential errors also climbs. The era of data and artificial intelligence (AI) however, is reinvigorating how hospitals and health systems can manage their drug supply operations and combat the drug shortage crisis. IBM Watson Health and OrbitalRX have teamed up to provide clinical care teams the necessary technology to support their drug shortage management needs.


Moderated by Tina Moen, Senior Deputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer at IBM Watson Health, this panel dives into the current drug shortage crisis and how technology, such as AI, will reshape how drugs are managed within the healthcare setting in order to mitigate the harm caused by medication supply disruption.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • A deepened knowledge of the impact today's drug shortage crisis
  • The positive transformation sophisticated technology is bringing to such a widespread issue
  • How OrbitalRX, combined with IBM Micromedex, is one avenue listeners can explore to support their drug supply chain needs



  • Tina Moen, PharmD

    Senior Deputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer
    IBM Watson Health


  • Adam Orsborn, PharmD, MS

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


  • Linda Elbers, PharmD

    Clinical Solutions Executive, Clinical Decision Support and Patient Education
    IBM Watson Health

  • Jim Lund, PharmD

    Director of Pharmacy Operations, Departmental Strategy and Innovation
    Massachusetts General Hospital