Maximize OR utilization & accelerate surgical case growth: Saint Luke's innovations in automation

Thursday, May 12th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT 

Nearly 30 percent of operating room time is locked up as a result of inefficient scheduling — and now staffing shortages are restricting OR access even more. Given current challenges, how can providers optimize resources, boost utilization and drive growth?

In this webinar, discover how Saint Luke’s Health System increased OR prime time utilization, block utilization and high-value case volumes by using AI-powered automation software. With more OR time unlocked, the organization improved OR access for surgeons, reduced workload for schedulers and added millions to the bottom line.

Learn how your organization can:
  • Add 2+ cases per OR per month
  • Grow volume despite staff challenges
  • Increase revenue by $10M+ per facility
  • Automate strategic service line growth


Jane Peck (1) - Kristelle Khazzaka

Jane Peck

COO and VP of Service Lines, Saint Luke’s Hospital Kansas City

David Atashroo (1) - Kristelle Khazzaka

David Atashroo, MD

Managing Director of Perioperative Solutions, Qventus