Maximize your primary care portfolio: Open the door to an unrecognized revenue stream 

In order for health systems to maximize revenue, they need to shift from a reliance on downstream income generated from third-party billing to identifying solutions that meet the needs and wants of today’s healthcare consumer. That begins with evaluating their primary care portfolio.

But building these new offerings requires time and resources that health systems typically do not have.

That’s where external partnerships — such as MDVIP’s Enterprise Solution for Primary Care — can help. It is a proven solution that has turned conventional primary care practices into successful membership-based models that are more financially productive.

Highlights of the report:

  • MDVIP uses proprietary tools to perform a comprehensive physician and capacity analysis that eliminates any upfront cost and risk for the system and gets them to market faster than if the system was to try to create a new offering on their own.
  • Partnering with MDVIP to launch a successful membership-based practice model has worked for more than 1,100 practices for over 20 years.


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