Medical center hospital ensures HIPAA compliance and manages access to 200 software applications

The Internet of Things isn't the only cyberthreat facing the healthcare industry-- vendor access management and how vendors connect to networks has been an issue for years. For example, let's look at how vendors were going to Medical Center Hospital's (MCH) network. Previous to making the switch to SecureLink, MCH's network was supported with a wide range of methodologies including VPNs and desktop sharing tools which created significant problems for MCH:

First, the variety of remote access connections created an overly complex environment that forced the MCH IT staff to become heavily involved in administering and managing each connection.

Secondly, without a standard way of managing remote access, the situation only got more complex as applications, vendors, and support technicians were added to the mix.

Finally, there was no common method of tracking and reporting on remote access sessions.

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