Members know about telehealth, but not how to access it

Consumer telehealth adoption increased nearly threefold in 2020, driven largely by restrictions on in-person care during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what began out of necessity has solidified into a preference, and members are expressing newfound interest in a wide variety of virtual care options — from simple prescription refills to follow-up care after surgery.

Read the findings from Amwell’s 2020 Physician and Consumer Telehealth Survey for a deeper look into the changes brought about by the pandemic, including insights on interest in leveraging technology for primary care and a range of other routine care.

Download the eBook to learn more about these findings, including:

  • The proportion of members interested in different types of virtual care
  • Member preference for seeing their existing providers virtually
  • Varied openness to virtual primary care, broken down by age and payer type
  • Expected telehealth usage among members moving forward

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