Mobile technology’s growing role in inpatient care team collaboration

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CT

The typical inpatient care team has expanded over the past decade, and the implications for communication and collaboration among team members are profound. In the “old days”, the team usually comprised a hospitalist, a nurse, and a specialist or two; now extended multi-disciplinary teams are the norm, so in addition to the “core” clinicians, the team also may include a case manager, a social worker, a quality manager, a pharmacist, a dietician, and possibly others – for example, outpatient services, a SNF or LTAC, not to mention the patient’s PCP.

With so many stakeholders, often geographically dispersed – and during the pandemic, intentionally distanced even within the hospital – it’s no surprise that mobile technology is playing a large and growing role in care team collaboration. The quick conversation between providers in the hospital corridor or over a cup of coffee in the physicians’ lounge is becoming less common. The emergence of smartphone apps linked to the hospital EHR and optimized to support clinical workflow represents a significant development for care team communication and collaboration.

In this webinar, two healthcare industry veterans – one a practicing hospitalist, the other a MIT-educated technology innovator – will discuss:

  • Trends driving the expansion of patient care teams;
  • The communication complexity created by larger care teams;
  • The growing role for and value of mobile communication technology in care team collaboration; and
  • Specific workflows that benefit from using a clinically-optimized mobile app integrated with other hospital systems.


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Sally Buta

VP Strategy & Innovation and Co-founder, PatientKeeper

Dr Maiona

Christopher Maiona, M.D., SFHM

Chief Medical Officer, PatientKeeper