Universal ICU Nasal Decolonization with Antiseptic Allows Reduction of MRSA Contact Precautions

With the evident burden of contact isolation precautions (CP) on quality of care and costs, the use of antiseptic nasal decolonization to help reduce CP can be significant. Research shows universal nasal and skin decolonization allows for responsible reduction of CP for MRSA colonization. Universal decolonization has also been shown to be more effective than targeted screen and isolate in lowering HAIs. In addition, the availability of an effective alcohol-based nasal antiseptic can avoid use of mupirocin antibiotic.


This Whitepaper covers:

  • The history of contact isolation precautions for patients with MRSA
  • Assessing the benefits and negative impact of CP
  • Comparing universal decolonization to screen and isolate
  • Using antiseptic, not antibiotic, nasal decolonization to help reduce CP