New recommendations for preventing HAPIs call for this kind of technology

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries — or HAPIs — may be the nation’s most persistent hospital-acquired condition, increasing even as most other injuries have declined – sometimes dramatically.

New guidelines recommend using technology to prevent HAPIs, and several U.S. hospitals have assessed the efficacy of the LEAF Patient Monitoring System, which has been used for more than 7 million hours on more than 60,000 hospitalized patients.

This whitepaper summarizes key findings from several of those studies, such as:

  • Institutions using the LEAF System reported reductions of sacrococcygeal HAPIs by up to 85%
  • Adherence with institutional turn protocols – critical to prevent HAPIs – rose by up to 95% at institutions using the LEAF System.
  • Hospitals using the LEAF System avoided up to $1.4 million in HAPI costs and reported HAPI treatment ROI of up to $3.4 million.

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