Optics matter: How to promote your hospital's infection control, safety practices

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Healthcare leaders are not only tasked with addressing new safety risks for staff and patients during the pandemic — they must also consider how they're marketing and communicating what their organization is doing to keep staff and patients safe. Efficacy and optics matter in this new normal.

This webinar will teach you how to augment your existing EVS and infection prevention program with UV-C technology to ensure patient and staff safety. You'll also learn how to effectively market the steps your organization is taking to create a safe environment so you can build staff and patient confidence.

Learning points:

  • The history of UV-C technology utilization and how COVID-19 has impacted its use.
  • How to creatively use UV-C technology in your hospital to improve HCAHPS scores and outcomes.
  • How to talk about and market your hospital's UV-C use.



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Rich Feczko

National Director, Standards, Innovation & Infection Prevention, Compass One Healthcare

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Gunner Lyslo

Founder & CEO, Surfacide®

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