Optimize Surgery: How Seattle Children’s used their real-world data to add 150,000 minutes of OR capacity, reduce length of stay and improve racial equity

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT 

Clinical leaders care deeply about improving patient care, but they can’t fix what they can’t see. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) don’t allow visibility into outcomes across patients, leaving leaders’ treatment and workflow questions unanswered. Manual analyses are too slow and expensive. Data-driven management of efficiency, equity, and quality is too difficult, and clinical “transformation” comes too slowly.

With AdaptX, Seattle Children’s leaders leverage their own real-world EMR data to manage clinical care – self-serve, on-the-fly. Across Seattle Children’s enterprise, AdaptX’s unique, self-serve Mission Control Center empowers clinical leaders to quickly and easily monitor, evaluate, and adapt care across patient, treatments, teams, and workflows.

Learn how Seattle Children’s clinicians leveraged their own real-world EMR data with AdaptX to:
  • Increase OR capacity 150,000 minutes per year without changing staffing.
  • Reduce hospital length of stay.
  • Identify and address racial and language inequities in care.



Ojemann headshot

Jeff Ojemann, MD

CMO & SVP, former Surgeon-in-Chief, Seattle Children’s