OR Capacity Management Amid Staffing Shortages: Lessons from Baptist Health and Oregon Health & Science University

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 


Inpatient bed shortages are driving fluctuations in surgical case volume. At the same time, hospitals are experiencing critical staffing shortages in surgical services. These circumstances are driving up costs and making it difficult to staff operating rooms.

During this session, discover how Jacksonville, Fla.-based Baptist Health and Portland-based Oregon Health and Sciences University are working to retain staff and improve OR efficiency with technology and standardization. Learning highlights include:
  • How Baptist Health increased primetime OR utilization by nearly 40 percent amid the pandemic.
  • How Oregon Health and Science University is using technology to mitigate the adverse effects of staff shortages and resource constraints.


Sara Hubbard - Carly Xagas

Sara Hubbard

Senior Operational Performance Improvement Consultant, Baptist Health, Jacksonville, FL

Kristen Lund - Carly Xagas

Kristen Lund

Manager, Preoperative Medicine Clinic/OR Scheduling/MSPU Scheduling, Oregon Health and Sciences University

Ashley Walsh - Carly Xagas

Ashley Walsh, MHA

VP Client Services, iQueue for Operating Rooms & Inpatient Beds, LeanTaaS