Part 1: It's time to bring precision to treating chronic knee pain — An overview of cryoneurolysis (cryoanalgesia)

Approximately 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, and the most common locus for this pain is the knee. For years, the medical community relied too heavily on opioids to treat both chronic and acute pain. That tide is shifting.

Join us in the first of a two (2) part webinar series to learn about a novel, FDA-approved treatment for chronic knee pain. During this session, physicians will review the progression of chronic osteoarthritis, current treatment options, nerve anatomy, and cryotechnology.

Key learnings include:

  • Nerve Anatomy
  • Differences between cryoablation and cryoneurolysis
  • Incorporating cryoneurolysis in the knee OA treatment algorithm and as part of a procedural solution for total knee arthroplasty (TKA)



  • Vinod Dasa, MD, Vice Chair of Orthopedic Surgery, Irvin Cahen Endowed Chair of Orthopedic Research, Louisiana State University (LSU), Department of Orthopedics, Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopedics, LSU Health, New Orleans, LA
  • Pieter J. Vreede, MD, Riverview Anesthesiologists, Riverview Health Hospital, Noblesville, IN


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