Patient acquisition strategies boost payer mix at Spectrum Health Lakeland:


Strategies for rebounding from COVID-19

Hospitals looking to rebound financially from COVID-19 can take direction from Spectrum Lakeland Health. In 2015, the three-hospital system launched a digital acquisition program to promote its 150 physicians to commercially insured patients who were ready to appoint. The program generated ROI in just 60 days and has $100M+ in contribution margin. Next step? Scaling it to now-parent Spectrum Health’s 800 physicians across 10 hospitals to drive revenue growth when it’s needed more than ever.

Participate in this session to look inside a self-sufficient, results-driven patient acquisition and engagement machine. Attendees will learn to:

  • Activate measurable initiatives with quick ROI to capture pent-up patient demand and drive revenue post COVID-19
  • Drive a more favorable payor mix, even in high Medicaid areas, by promoting care to commercially insured patients who are ready to appoint
  • Capture new patients who are searching for care with one-click access to 24/7/365 appointment scheduling, even when they’re searching for competitors
  • Achieve internal buy-in for your own digital prowess to elicit a “We need to do this” from executives and peer departments




Megan Yore

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Spectrum Health




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Mike Marvin

Group Vice President