Patient safety in spine surgery: Best practices for eliminating preventable SSIs

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

Surgical site infections after spine surgery increase the likelihood of patient mortality and drive up the cost of care. More than 156,000 postoperative spine infections could be averted with better screening and preventative measures, according to a study published in Global Spine Journal.

During this webinar, experts will discuss the problem of spine surgery SSIs and effective preventative measures. Learnings include:
  • Best practices for improving surgical outcomes in spine procedures.
  • Protocols to mitigate the risk of surgical site complications in spine procedures and increase patient satisfaction.


Dr. Josh Heller

Joshua Heller, MD, MBA

Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery, Jefferson University Hospitals

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Ferhan Asghar, MD

University of Cincinnati