Scaling chronic condition management for complex populations: Are there limitations?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

Chronic conditions shine a brighter light on existing social determinants of health. Factors like language barriers and food insecurity continue to frustrate millions of Americans trying to create a healthier future for themselves. To make matters more complicated, chronic conditions often occur concurrently — to the tune of 4 in 10 Americans suffering from at least two.

These two concepts layered together result in a complex member population, one of the most critical concerns payers face. How do payers navigate effective treatment for complex members? Is chronic condition management scalable for complex populations, and how can payers deliver the right care that also meets the right cost?

Join this webinar to learn why:
  • A personalized, integrated approach to cardiometabolic management delivers the most sustainable outcomes and cost savings
  • Using a single-care source can help translate these results across multiple, complex populations while maintaining meaningful member engagement
  • Well-trained providers coupled with technology can tailor effective behavior change to any budget or culture


Gretchen Zimmerman - Daniel Gest-1

Gretchen Zimmerman

Head of Cardiometabolic Disease

Kevin Knight - Daniel Gest-1

Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer


Veneeta Lakhani

Chief Growth Officer