The biggest threats to ED reimbursement in 2023 and how to respond

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In 2023, emergency departments will have to navigate many new changes affecting professional and facility reimbursement rates. In this webinar, reimbursement experts will dive into these threats to emergency medicine, including looming Medicare cuts and updated payer guidelines that could result in further downcoding or payment denials. This discussion will also detail best practices to mitigate these risks and ensure maximum reimbursement in the emergency department.

Key learnings:
  • The biggest threats to emergency department reimbursement in 2023
  • Best practices to mitigate threats and maximize reimbursement


Dr. Andrea Brault - Sydney Mason (1)

Andrea Brault

President & CEO of Brault Practice Solutions

Caral Edelberg - Sydney Mason

Caral Edelberg

Founder & Chairman of Edelberg and Associates