How data + AI can identify at-risk CKD patients for earlier intervention   

Chronic kidney disease places an enormous burden on the healthcare system. Roughly 37 million Americans have CKD, though 9 in 10 adults with this condition don’t know they have it.

To date, kidney care has focused on diagnosis and treatment. But 1 in 4 patients "crash" into dialysis, where dialysis must be initiated urgently with no opportunity for patients and providers to discuss treatment alternatives or make optimal decisions.

What’s needed is "crash prevention" by using predictive intelligence to identify patients likely to need future dialysis, leading to earlier intervention.

Download this white paper on The Kidney Care Paradigm Shift. It focuses on:
  • Predicting & preventing advanced CKD
  • Identifying at-risk patients earlier through predictive intelligence
  • Benefits of avoiding emergent dialysis

Treating CKD is costly and inefficient, but doesn’t have to be. Discover a new paradigm that leverages predictive intelligence for earlier intervention.

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