New study identifies biggest opportunities for health plans to improve claims payment processing right now

Healthcare payment systems are changing rapidly — and they need to. Errors, sluggish load times and complexity are common issues with payment systems. Until now. 

Optum commissioned a survey of senior health plan executives on payment processing trends as well as opportunities and barriers to improve payments. 

This report lays out the most pressing issues affecting payment processing and details top priorities for streamlining claims payment, including shifting to a paperless system and adopting automation. 

Get this report to learn: 
  • Current state of health plans’ payment strategies
  • Top pain points and most important priorities
  • Key opportunities to streamline payments and barriers to making it happen
  • What to look for when considering a payment solution
Claims payment is changing fast. Don't be left behind. Learn how modern payment systems can boost health plans’ revenue and improve the customer experience. 

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