Tackling barriers to successful care management: 4 takeaways from Elevance, Banner | Aetna and Medecision

To advance value-based care models that help manage costs while improving outcomes, health plans and health systems that take on risk need effective care management and population health programs. However, many of the legacy tools and tactics that have previously been used to drive these efforts have been ineffective, hindering successful management of cost and care quality. 

Becker's Healthcare recently hosted a panel-style webinar with three healthcare leaders who shared how organizations can break through these barriers and achieve effective and efficient care management programs. They examined the current state of care management, proposed improvements and discussed how a comprehensive data approach can enable contextual awareness.

Major themes examined during the conversation include:
  • Why conventional care management strategies aren't driving positive results
  • How healthcare organizations can cultivate patient relationships built on trust
  • Why patient data capture must adapt to the patient journey

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