Target the full spectrum of cardiometabolic conditions for better member outcomes, plan savings 

The vast majority of Americans live on a spectrum of poor cardiometabolic health — only 2.7 percent US adults are living a healthy lifestyle, according to a Mayo Clinic study. 

Every year, cardiometabolic conditions, including diabetes, cost employers and health plans upwards of $500 billion dollars. Continuing to treat these conditions in silos simply won't cut it: To realize better member outcomes and health plan savings, the full spectrum of these conditions needs to be addressed, and a single platform is supporting organizations to do it. 

Read about a virtual care solution that can increase your health plan's ROI by: 
  • Serving diverse populations with members of all ages, backgrounds and cardiometabolic health acuities in one platform
  • Encircling members with personalized, human-led care teams to address and treat co-occurring cardiometabolic conditions at the same time
  • Guaranteeing cost savings for health plans in the form of reduced expensive hospital visits and medical interventions

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