PHI in the cloud: The Next Frontier For Healthcare Digital Transformation

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Thursday, September 21st, 2017
1:35 - 2:35 PM
Toronto Room, Hyatt Regency

As healthcare embraces the opportunity to digitally transform its business, more workloads that transmit, store, and compute highly sensitive data must find their way into modern cloud computing platforms. The cloud provides the optimal cost efficient and scalable platform to aggregate big data, medical device signals and deep compute resources to perform the transformative insights and analytics that are needed to drive the changes to reach populations, preemptively improve the patient experience, improve clinical outcomes, manage limited resources and power new digital healthcare processes and solutions. In this session we’ll discuss and share insights into how organizations are addressing the need for the data and interactions to be secure and compliant with government regulations and best practice protections against malicious entities as these workloads move completely or partially to the cloud.


  • Hector Rodriguez, MBA, WW Health Chief Information Security Officer. Microsoft
  • Shaung Liu, Chief Technology Officer, Teladoc Provider Division
  • Michael Parisi, Vice President of Assurance Strategy & Community Development, HITRUST

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