A Call to Action: Moving from Symptom-Based to Evidence-Based Management to Solve the Nursing Workforce Crisis

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT 

There is tremendous unrest about healthcare, both among workers and consumers. Amidst skyrocketing healthcare costs, there is continued turnover of clinicians related to dissatisfaction, burnout, and persisting unhealthy work environments. Unfortunately, symptom management of this workforce crisis has led to expensive “solutions” that predominate in today’s hospital culture, resulting in a vicious cycle of reactive staffing.

Join industry leading Gladys Campbell, and Dr. Dani Bowie, presenting how Herzberg’s research on motivational factors can ultimately help health systems transform evidence-based management, to move beyond symptom management, and tackle the nursing workforce crisis head-on. Covered topics include;
  • Listing ways that workforce technology can enable active choice in scheduling while also providing ultimate flexibility for staff while reducing hospital workload and cost
  • Outlining a new model for nursing to provide an environment for cultural and structural change, advancement of innovation in nursing's professional practice, while also optimizing support for a healthy work environment
  • Addressing how nursing leadership potential can be enhanced through the use of valuable, work-based projects that optimize creative solutions in care delivery 
In the midst of industry seachange, we hope you’ll join this webinar as Glayds & Dani deliver insights from their work across the nation's leading health systems and influence the architecture of nursing strategy and workforce.




Gladys - Jason Grady

Gladys Campbell

Principal, Campbell Coaching & Consulting

dani bowie (1) - Jason Grady-1

Dani Bowie DNP, RN, NE-BC

CNO & Vice President of Clinical Strategy, Trusted Health