Breaking the wellness silo: How The Permanente Medical Group engages operational leaders to combat physician burnout

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT 

The widely documented and increasing incidence of clinician burnout remains a top concern for health care leaders.  Many organizations recognize the importance of addressing the system-level issues that detract from physicians’ professional experience, but meaningful progress also requires coordinating these broader efforts with changes at the department level.  The intentional engagement of operational leaders helps ensure that reducing burnout is not solely the responsibility of a wellness committee or chief wellness officer, but rather a collaborative organization-wide pursuit.  

The Permanente Medical Group understands this approach. During this webinar, Ellie Farahabadi, MD, Associate Executive Director for People and Amanjot Singh Sethi, MD, director of wellness operations, will outline the multispecialty medical group’s comprehensive strategy to mitigate burnout and enhance professional fulfillment among its 10,000 physicians. Drs. Farahabadi and Sethi will also share key challenges the group has faced and their successes to date. 

Learning points:

  • Understand the key drivers of burnout and professional fulfillment.
  • Learn how to engage operational leaders, such as department chiefs in your physician well-being strategy. 
  • Key steps to facilitate department-level conversations about physician well-being and related survey data.
  • Hear how operational leaders can apply improvement science to designing data-driven interventions that enhance physician well-being.



Dr. Ellie Farahabadi

Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Sethi - photo Cropped

Dr. Amanjot Singh Sethi

Director of Wellness Operations, The Permanente Medical Group

Nancy Nankivil

Nancy Nankivil

Director of Practice Transformation, American Medical Association