CALL TO ACTION: Modernize your huddle, decentralize your command center

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

Huddles and Command Centers are potent tools for delivering care. But Huddles have become a ritual for data reporting, and Command Centers have become data showcases.
Innovative models are emerging to maximize huddles and command centers to provide optimal value to front-line care teams.

Learn how University Hospitals, in collaboration with Edgility, synchronize board-level goals to bed-level care objectives by exploiting their command center investment to modernize the “Huddle Experience.”

Learning Points:
  • Explore how the new huddle models save time, reduce cost and improve patient care.
  • Strengthen accountability and achieve operational goals by synchronizing board-to-bedside objectives.
  • Learn how to optimize staffing resources and increase nursing retention.
  • Explore how decentralizing command center functions results in better patient care and greater staff satisfaction.






Balaji Ramadoss

CEO & President, Edgility, Inc.


Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, FCCM

Chief Quality and Clinical Transformation Officer, University Hospitals