Education is key: How Bon Secours Mercy Health + Children's Hospital Colorado are retaining and upskilling staff with career pathway programs

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

Burnout, pay and retirement aren't the only reasons nurses are leaving their jobs. As hospitals and health systems add to their employee benefits packages to attract and retain staff, there's a key area that often goes overlooked — staff members' desire for career advancement opportunities.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll hear from nursing and HR leaders at Bon Secours Mercy Health (Cincinnati) and Children's Hospital Colorado (Aurora) about the education benefits and career pathway initiatives they're offering to employees, and the key improvements they're seeing in staff, hospitals and communities as a result.

Tune in for their perspectives on: 
  • How career mobility investments yield positive outcomes for talent attraction and retention 
  • Why employees are 2.3x more likely to select tuition assistance programs over tuition reimbursement when offered both by their employer
  • Resulting gains in talent diversity, equity and inclusion, plus improved health equity for communities served





0821CINHDS_Allan Calonge (1) - Katie Breck Cropped

Allan Calonge

Chief People Officer of Core Operations, Bon Secours Mercy Health

Brenda W (1) - Katie Breck Cropped

Brenda Woodcock

Chief Nursing Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health, Richmond Market

betsy (1) - Katie Breck Cropped

Betsy Rodriguez

Sr Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Hanna P (1) - Katie Breck Cropped

Hanna Patterson

Senior VP of Healthcare and Applied Learning, Guild