Enhancing Internal Talent Acquisition Strategies – An Adventist HealthCare Case Study

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

With a growing job market for prospective employees, healthcare recruitment and talent acquisition strategies must be top-notch to stay competitive and win the best talent — a mindset Adventist HealthCare (Gaithersburg, Md.) and Howard University Hospital (Washington, D.C.) are fully embracing. 

In this live session, Adventist HealthCare will share their enhanced recruitment program and how their approach addresses key priorities like labor shortages, staff-to-patient ratios and cost-savings with decreased reliance on travelers.

Learning points:
  • Understand the opportunities that prompted Adventist HealthCare to explore alternative talent acquisition strategies.
  • Learn how the organization selected and partnered with an external provider in a unique hybrid model to redefine their talent acquisition program and create strategies for a competitive and shifting market.
  • Explore the tactics, strategies, and significant metrics attained through this enduring partnership, such as creating an internal float pool model, reduction in open vacancies, and the considerable decrease in traveler utilization.


Carlos Vargas Headshot

Carlos Vargas

Vice President of Human Resources and Technology at Adventist HealthCare; and Chief Human Resources Officer at Howard University Hospital

Daniel - Liz Engman

Daniel Mormak

VP, RPO Services at Hueman, and VP, Talent Acquisition for ​Adventist HealthCare​ and Howard University Hospital

Derek - Liz Engman

Derek Carpenter

Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Hueman RPO