How a Strong Organizational Culture Can Boost Healthcare Recruitment and Retention

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

How can your clinic, hospital or health system consistently attract top talent — and how do you create an environment where your providers want to stay? Listen in as PS&D Chief Executive Officer Rachelle Daugherty and Swedish Health Services Interim President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Elizabeth Wako share tactics you can use immediately to foster positive, progressive and supportive conditions that will encourage providers to work for you long-term. Learn practical solutions and hear real-world examples of how you can use empathy, technology and advocacy to build a better workplace.

Webinar learning points:
  • Ease your providers’ administrative burden through a mix of AI technology, and EHR and workload optimization.
  • Personalize providers’ employment experience through wellness initiatives and professional development support.
  • Seek out diversity, nurture your residency pipeline and establish an environment that welcomes all.
  • Create a growth-oriented, referral culture by empowering open conversations and organizational advocates.



Rachelle Daugherty_traditional_square (2) - Jake Rodriguez

Rachelle Daugherty, MPH

Chief Executive, Provider Solutions & Development

Elizabeth Wako Headshot_April2023_Closeup - Jake Rodriguez Cropped

Dr. Elizabeth Wako

Interim President and CEO, Swedish Health Services