How UC San Diego's Moores Cancer Center reduced patient no-show rates and unlocked new capacity

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

The Moores Cancer Center at University of California San Diego once grappled with an issue that challenges many organizations and costs the healthcare industry $150 billion annually: high no-show rates. For Moores Cancer Center, this meant unused capacity in their infusion center, bottlenecked scheduling, long wait times and frustrated patients and staff.

In this on-demand webinar, Moores Cancer Center shares how they implemented a technology platform to address these pain points and move the needle on operational performance.

You'll learn how the clinic:
  • Used data and custom analytics to drive internal change management 
  • Decreased their no-show rate from more than 20 percent to below 11 percent
  • Increased volume by 9 percent, despite staffing limitations
  • Optimized scheduling templates



Gabriela Lacatus, RN, BSN, OCN®, PhD

Ambulatory Patient Care Manager

Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego Health