Long-term Benefits and Value of an RPO Partnership: Moving Your Talent Acquisition Program from Stabilization to Optimization

Thursday, November 16th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Implementing an optimal talent acquisition program to tackle challenges such as labor shortages, premium labor usage, and navigating the financial burdens of unfilled job openings can be daunting. The ‘exciting stuff’ starts when your organization reaches the point of stabilization and can begin to optimize your candidate and employee experience, focus on strengthening your culture, and work strategically with your hiring leaders to drive a world-class employee experience
Join this webinar to learn how a long-term RPO partnership has enabled a large health system in Northeast Florida to stabilize and optimize its talent acquisition program. Hear from Michael Tatelbame, Vice President of Talent Management at Baptist Health, and Derek Carpenter, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Hueman, as they describe how their customized partnership drives value, efficiencies, cost savings, and expertise for Baptist Health.
Learning points:  
  • Understand the common TA challenges faced by healthcare leaders that have led Baptist Health to leverage an RPO partner for 10+ years.  
  • Explore key outcomes that Baptist has realized as a direct result of their long-time RPO partnership.
  • Discover how an optimized talent acquisition function can enable the entire organization to focus on longevity, elevating your patient experience, and taking your employee experience to the next level.



Derek_Carpenter - Katie Breck-1

Derek Carpenter

Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Hueman RPO

Michael_Tatelbame - Katie Breck

Michael Tatelbame

Vice President of Talent Management, Baptist Health