How Mercy grew by over 1,000 internal gig nurses & cut travel agency spend by 50% in 2022 while improving the nurse experience

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT  

Throughout 2022, Mercy rolled out Mercy Works on Demand, an app and online platform that allows the health system's full and part-time nurses — and other experienced nurses in the area — to easily pick up gig shifts. This workforce initiative led to a 50% decrease in agency spend (a savings of over $5 million), significant decreases in labor costs, and the creation of a 1,100 nurse gig workforce across their 45 hospital health system spanning 4 states.

Amid today's workforce shortages, Mercy has led the industry in a vision for hospitals and health systems to redesign how they view their workforce and implement approaches that provide flexibility regarding work and scheduling while bringing back the joy in practice with a concentration on work-life balance. Join this webinar as Betty Jo Rocchio, SVP and CNO of Mercy Health, shares her roadmap to success on:
  • How Mercy has cut its agency spend in HALF saving over 5 million dollars in 2022
  • A look into how Mercy decreased total cost to deliver care by 10% & decreased their average hourly rate by 9%
  • Improved nurse retention & recruitment by building a 1,100 internal gig nurse workforce 
  • Strategies for building a flexible workforce ecosystem where nurses and clinical caregivers have a choice in how, when, and how they work
Learn how Mercy is building the future of nursing flexibility with their AI driven, internal float pool management platform Mercy Works on Demand, to increase revenue, decrease agency spend, retain and improve the nurse and clinical coworker experience, and improve the overall care of patients.


Betty Jo - Jason Grady

Betty Jo Rocchio

SVP and CNO, Mercy Health System

dani bowie - Jason Grady - Jason Grady

Dani Bowie

VP of Clinical Strategy & Transformation, Trusted Health