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According to a Vivian Health survey of over 3,500 nurses, 63% of clinicians are considering leaving healthcare entirely in the next five years. At the same time, several of those who are remaining in their profession have changed what they prioritize in an employer. This upheaval in the healthcare workforce is poised to dramatically change the types of talent acquisition strategies that will be successful with an ever-shrinking labor pool.

In this session, Dr. Beth A. Brooks, Ph.D., RN, FACHE, Advisor at Vivian Health, will outline the state of the healthcare workforce based on the survey results and recent nursing workforce academic research. She will identify what it will take to bring the workforce back to permanent staff positions. Dr. Brooks will conclude by outlining effective recruitment strategies for building a talent pipeline and regaining the trust of burned-out clinicians.
  • What are the current attitudes of clinicians around their careers, mental wellbeing, and compensation?
  • What does the current research say about which clinicians are leaving the profession?
  • What strategies and technologies will retain and motivate the nursing workforce?


Beth - Liz Engman

Dr. Beth A. Brooks