The key to successful workforce education efforts in healthcare

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With labor shortages expected to worsen in the coming years, healthcare organizations are doubling down on retention efforts and upskilling their workforce. For education efforts to be successful in healthcare, they must be built on a firm understanding of processes, people and requirements. 

Join this discussion with industry experts to learn why HealthStream designed a Learning Management System tailored to the healthcare industry, and how health systems are using it. 

Learning points: 
  • The role learning management systems (LMS) play in educating the healthcare workforce
  • Seamless integrations to support large-scale initiatives and meet regulatory requirements
  • The benefits healthcare organizations are seeing from leveraging an LMS dedicated to the industry 





dan-pawlus - Sarah Simon

Dan Pawlus

Senior Manager, Digital Events, HealthStream

emily-dee - Sarah Simon

Emily Dee

Solution Executive, Learning & Performance, HealthStream