Transform your prior authorizations with intelligent automation

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Health systems spend millions of dollars annually to comply with prior authorization requirements and manage denials.

Typically, health systems respond to higher administration loads with more staff stuck in slow, manual workflows. Digital automation solutions exist, but adoption rates are low as management teams struggle with old protocols to clear backlogged submissions and overcome denials.

Leading hospitals and systems can use intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive manual inputs, lowering costs and removing administrative stress from their workforce. As a result, they're seeing improved retention and fewer payment delays, and a better patient experience.

Learn innovative productivity strategies that shorten processing times, lower administrative costs and build better relationships with payers.

Key webinar takeaways:
  • Prevent prior authorization denials to protect net revenue
  • Use automation to avoid staff burnout
  • Streamline authorizations for faster and better patient care


Paul (1) - Nicole Novak

Paul Shorrosh, MSW, MBA, CHAM

Founder and CEO, AccuReg

Blair - Nicole Novak

Blair Baker

COO and Chief Product Officer, AccuReg