ROI From AI: Unlocking Scarce Capacity in Health Systems

Hospital C-suite and system leaders are under a tremendous amount of pressure to continue serving a growing number of patients despite severe staffing shortages, resource constraints, and depressed margins. While the pandemic instigated unforeseen strains on the healthcare system, it also amplified, inspired, and demanded creative thinking. How can healthcare leaders who are charged with “doing more with less” meet these increasingly high demands?

Healthcare leaders must examine how other resource-intensive industries like airline, package delivery, and rideshare services have successfully solved the complex operational challenge of matching supply and demand. The answer? Adopting machine learning, AI, and predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive operational decisions.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. And many healthcare leaders are already reaping the rewards of AI by achieving hard ROI in challenging times. Fortunately, you can “stand on the shoulders” of your industry peers that have adopted AI:
  • In operating room operations and generated $40 million in contribution margin for their health system (which translated into a 10x+ ROI)
  • In infusion centers and decreased infusion patient wait times by 30%, and delivered an average increase of $20,000/infusion chair per year in cancer centers
  • In inpatient bed patient flow management and achieved an 8% decrease in opportunity days, the equivalent to $8 million in ROI – during the pandemic.

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