Addressing the workplace safety crisis: Top strategies from hospital executives

Left unchecked, healthcare's workplace violence crisis will have profound effects on staff engagement, patient satisfaction and quality outcomes. With workers increasingly facing violent and aggressive events on the job, safety has emerged as a central focus for hospital and health system leaders.

Increasingly, nurses and other workers are prioritizing safety in their choice of employment. Now, hospitals are strengthening their approach to foster and elevate a culture of safety and transparency to protect patients and staff, and ensure teams can work without fears about a lack of security. 

Becker's and Commure recently caught up with hospital executives to learn more about how their organizations are bolstering security and fostering a culture of safety.

Download a summary of the conversation to learn about:
  • Specific security-related interventions hospitals are seeing success with
  • Effective, transparent communication with employees about safety measures
  • Best practices for creating an integrated safety strategy, and the role technology plays

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