C-suite check-in: Research report on progress, challenges and priorities for health care in 2023

Urgent priority shifts are taking center stage for health care leaders and the economic environment is shaping today’s decision-making. Consumerism, the workforce crisis, digital initiatives and the demand for health equity are all shaping the health care landscape in 2023.

With data from 150 health care leaders across health plans, providers, employers, life science organizations and government agencies, this 2023 research report reveals:
  • Where progress has been made
  • Healthcare's greatest challenges
  • Priorities for a sustainable and equitable system
  • How leaders are advancing on the path to value
  • Governance, investment and partnership priorities
Learn how C-suite leaders are approaching these topics and what they see as critical risks and opportunities in the development of a modern health system that best serves individuals, the workforce and collaborators across the industry.

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