Case study: How a $6B health system is driving efficiency + care improvements with on-demand nursing

As clinical staff demand flexibility in their schedules and working arrangements, health system leaders have raised concerns about what it means for productivity and their bottom line. However, some organizations are finding that strategic use of on-demand workers and flexible scheduling options are enhancing operational efficiency and improving patient care. 

In this white paper, you'll learn how a $6 billion health system revolutionized its workforce management through an innovative, on-demand nursing tool. The health system achieved $85 million in savings, streamlined onboarding processes and optimized staffing levels across its 23 hospitals. By successfully onboarding 1,500 healthcare professionals, the health system demonstrated its current growth and commitment to meeting healthcare demands. 

Read more to learn:
  • How the health system saved $85 million through strategic implementation of an on-demand nursing technology
  • The benefits of flexible scheduling options and expedited onboarding processes in optimizing workforce management
  • How this technology facilitated seamless transitions to full-time employment for healthcare professionals

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