How 'care orchestration' via automation saves money, boosts clinical team capacity & achieves better patient outcomes at scale 

Of all the potential uses for automation in healthcare delivery, care coordination should be at the top of leaders' lists. Research suggests that failure of care coordination accounts for up to $78.2 billion in wasteful industry spending.

Automated "care orchestration" — well-connected data and actions across multiple systems that enable staff to better coordinate patient care — can help hospitals and health systems sidestep many operational inefficiencies and yield significant return on investment. 

This white paper offers a research-backed case for automating care coordination, with compelling insights on:
  • The major financial and operational pressures healthcare delivery networks face — and how this trajectory can change
  • How care orchestration lowers the cost of care, encourages clinicians to perform at the top of their licenses and promotes better patient experiences
  • Case studies that show sizable improvements with automation, like 60 percent reduction in total cost of care, 130 percent increase in care team capacity and an 82 percent decrease in clinician time spent in patient charts

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