Community Health Systems Tackling Tough Operating Room Operational Issues: Explore the Challenges, Approaches, and Results

Block time is part of an outdated scheduling system that often leaves the operating room sitting unused, while patients wait for surgery and new surgeons are unable to find open time for their cases.

To address these inefficiencies, health systems such as CommonSpirit and Novant Health are tapping predictive and prescriptive analytics. Using a new data-driven approach, these organizations are optimizing block and open time to maximize OR access.

Download this case study booklet to learn how more than 265 hospitals from across the country are using this strategy to optimize OR performance and achieve the following results:
  • Ability to repurpose up to 20 percent of blocks for greater utilization
  • Increase case volume by 10 percent or more without opening additional rooms
  • Generate five to 20 times ROI based on contribution margin

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