It's time to help your healthcare workforce get healthy

According to the American Journal of Medicine, more than one out of three healthcare workers has a BMI that places them in the obese category–and that was before the pandemic exacerbated the issue. Obesity is linked to more than 200 chronic conditions; leads to employee absenteeism, which is an even bigger problem during post-pandemic staffing shortages; and drives up healthcare costs.

Providing these workers with the appropriate resources to manage their weight can improve employee retention and lower healthcare costs for both patients and payers.

In this white paper, you'll learn:
  • How obesity impacts quality measures, patient outcomes, employee satisfaction and healthcare costs
  • How the pandemic exacerbated healthcare worker mental and physical health issues
  • Why employee wellness benefits should include weight management programs that take a comprehensive medical approach that incorporate pharmacology when behavior and lifestyle changes alone aren't enough


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