New research report shares insight from C-Suite on key investments for a sustainable healthcare workforce

Every segment of healthcare is experiencing extraordinary workforce changes. Burnout, turnover, rising labor costs and skill gaps are diminishing the supply of qualified workers. Meanwhile, demand for workers is on the rise and business models are in flux.

This research report gathers perspectives from 150 healthcare leaders from providers, health plans and government agencies. 

Key focus areas include:
  • Workforce disruptions and their impact on performance
  • Obstacles to workforce progress
  • Keys to finding and keeping talent
  • Top 5 qualities of a sustainable workforce
  • Workforce investment priorities in 2023
  • The role of partnerships
  • How technology empowers a more human workforce

Leaders today are forced to make decisions without a playbook. Find out how C-suite leaders are responding to today’s workforce threats and are investing in a new path forward.

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