Older adults and tech: How to create an age-inclusive digital intake strategy

Most healthcare leaders recognize that young people enjoy using digital tools to schedule appointments, make payments and engage with their doctors. But do older adults feel the same way? 

Here’s the reality: People over age 65 enjoy using technology, and they want it to play a bigger role in their healthcare experience. Patients of all ages are flexible and forward-thinking, and they aren’t afraid to try new things. And if healthcare organizations don’t embrace digital tools, they may risk losing patients to their competitors.

Phreesia surveyed more than 500 adults aged 65+ about how they want to manage their care, including how they want to check in, manage appointments, make payments and engage with their providers. We dive deep into the survey results and explore their implications in our white paper, Older adults and technology: Creating an age-inclusive, digital-first patient intake strategy.
Read the white paper to learn:
  • How older adults feel about using self-service healthcare technology
  • Which digital tools older adults would use in the future, if given the option
  • Key strategies to increase access, make payments easier and help older adults become more activated in their care


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