Paper takes and digital restores: A guide to modernizing informed consent 

Even the most efficient process can use a good check-up now and then. For instance, paper-based informed consent processes could be hindering your patient and staff experience, as well as financial performance.

Every part of the consent experience can be improved with a digital process that puts people over paperwork. Digital consent collection enables your staff to collect an eSignature from the patient at the bedside or during an appointment. No paper is ever needed. The form is instantly available to the care team — anywhere, anytime and on any device. On average, eConsent users save more than 10+ minutes per consent completed and two to three days of archiving per consent.

This e-book examines how a simple change in your current consent process can have an outsized impact on your organization and community. 

Learning points:
  • The true costs of paper and manual errors
  • How digital consent collection can improve patient and staff experience, decrease surgical delays and eliminate equipment costs

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