Precision planning in times of crisis: How FEMA and AMN Healthcare built a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination plan

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the consequences of not being ready for unforeseen challenges. With an ongoing pandemic, longstanding labor shortages and future crises that will certainly come, hospitals and health systems are looking to stay ahead of challenges and craft robust contingency plans.

This brief report covers how FEMA and AMN Healthcare coordinated to implement a COVID-19 vaccination plan from the ground up to vaccinate the entire Eastern side of the nation.

Read this case study on the partnership to learn:

  • How to build contingency plans to ensure your organization can staff for any kind of healthcare event, no matter the level of urgency.
  • Why investing in predictive modeling solutions is now the norm rather than an afterthought.
  • How to build and maintain a nurturing environment for staff, even during times of crisis.

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