Should Organizations be Concerned with Recruitment and Retention?

With the gig economy taking a bite out of your workforce, you have to stay ahead of hiring trends. Read the Gartner Peer Insights Report to learn just how much you be concerned with recruitment and retention.
While it might be evident that flexibility is an incentive to retain employees, some industries can’t offer 100% remote options for their frontline employees. Given the competitive hiring environment, how much should healthcare, retail, and manufacturing be concerned with recruitment and retention, and how do they maintain a healthy workforce?

Gartner Peer Insights and Firstup surveyed IT, HR, and internal communications leaders in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industry to see how communication and the digital employee experience impact an organization’s ability to recruit and retain its workforce in the current climate.

Read this report to learn:
  • Where industry leaders are spending their recruiting budgets this year
  • How they rank the value of employee engagement in helping retain a quality workforce
  • What they believe really matters to their workers (hint: it’s not just about the money)


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