The Post-Call Center Era: How to Reduce Call Volumes and Increase Patient Satisfaction with Intelligent Automation

Today, the call center serves as the “non-digital” front door for most health systems, managing patient needs that span scheduling and appointment reminders to registration, authorizations, financial assistance, and payment collection. With persistent staffing shortages and antiquated technology, call centers are frequently unable to meet evolving patient expectations. 

To achieve call center transformation, health systems need to pivot their focus from marginal improvement of agent efficiency to reducing the number of calls that agents need to manage. A digital front door, powered by intelligent automation, can address the reason for most calls upstream – freeing up staff capacity for higher-value and more meaningful work.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:
  • Why the call center must be reimagined to meet today’s needs
  • New approaches to optimizing patient access, while eliminating downstream work for staff 
  • Best practices for transforming the call center into a competitive differentiator that complements a world-class patient experience, including the highest ROI workflows to automate

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