The power of partnership: How a university health system tackled shipping and logistics challenges

When it comes to healthcare supply chain issues, there is a lot that isn't in your control: High costs, shortages, a lack of visibility and more all present challenges to supply chain leaders. That means it's crucial to select suppliers, providers and partners willing to solve common problems together. You'll also need the right data to identify the key drivers causing issues and find cost-savings opportunities.

One university health system partnered with its logistics management provider and leveraged data analytics to spearhead better collaboration with its suppliers, helping to meet its goals and cut costs. This whitepaper details their success story and the methods they used to reduce complexity and drive savings and efficiencies. 

Insights include:
  • Facilitating the right conversations with stakeholders
  • Leveraging data to help lower costs, increase efficiency and streamline operations
  • Setting strategic goals that will put you on the path to success

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