The Power of Time: Healthcare workforce optimization starts with the schedule

In healthcare, time is key — especially in workforce management. But simply tracking hours worked is not an effective way to manage and optimize the sophisticated, specialized and dynamic workforce. Some hospitals are using intelligent, rule-based automation to improve engagement and make better staffing decisions to keep burnout at bay.

In this e-book, you'll learn how organizations are applying technology that gives providers, nurses and staff more control over their time through self-scheduling, as well as the benefits of putting the schedule at the center of a workforce management strategy. 

Download for insights on: 
  • The importance of scheduling in managing healthcare staff, including ways to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs
  • Strategies for balancing workloads, reducing burnout and creating a more positive work environment, leading to improved patient care
  • How a unified, schedule-centric approach can streamline healthcare workforce management and provide actionable insights and holistic visibility

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