Why Health Systems Need Healthcare Equipment Distributors Who Offer End-to-End Services

End -to-End services offered by equipment distributors could be an untapped source of cost savings and improved efficiencies. Choosing a distribution partner who is not only a medical equipment expert but one who offers end -to-end services is important in an industry that is, in many ways, still reeling in the aftermath of the staffing shortages and escalating equipment prices that have dominated the last several years. For health systems the search is on for ways to offset the cost of medical equipment and contracted staffing.

This white paper details how comprehensive services offered by medical equipment distributors can help health systems contain costs and improve efficiency.

You’ll learn:
  • How medical equipment distribution services can help improve staff retention, efficiency, and cost containment.
  • What to look for when choosing a medical equipment distributor.
  • How systems like NewYork-Presbyterian and PeaceHealth profited from services offered by a medical equipment distributor.


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