Plan, pivot and persevere: Boosting pandemic preparedness and response in healthcare

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was swift, disrupting businesses, professionals and consumers worldwide. No single industry has proven immune, with the virus moving stealthily through communities and leaving unpredictable, never-before-seen scenarios in its wake. Organizations are facing new operating processes, safety protocols, public health guidelines, and federal and state regulations. Business as usual is now a thing of the past.

The healthcare industry has been thrust into the spotlight as it moves through uncharted territory to address an onslaught of patients, constantly evolving requirements and numerous unknowns to deliver safe working, testing and patient care environments.

In this E-book, we'll explore the critical role information plays in pandemic response along with best practices healthcare organizations can embrace to improve readiness across four key areas:

  • Operational resilience to accelerate emergency care and testing
  • Agile pandemic supply chains
  • Compliant and connected telehealth and remote workers
  • Transformative workspaces for current and post-pandemic operations


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